Appreciate Electricity!

Hottest summer days prove energy is provided when & where you need it

(Madison, WI) – Heading through the ‘dog days of summer,’ air conditioning units throughout Wisconsin are working overtime, keeping families, offices, hospitals, stores and manufacturing facilities cool and comfortable.

It’s days like this we need to be aware of how important our system of energy generation is to our state according to Mark Meyer of Fair Rates for Wisconsin’s Dairyland (FRWD).

“Our integrated energy grid, built and maintained by utilities and their workers, is integral to our state, especially on hot days like today when the AC is on full blast,” says Meyer, executive director of FRWD. “Our system provides the extra power large appliances need at the time they are turned on and keeps us cool 24/7. This is extremely important to homeowners, and business owners all over Wisconsin.”

“With a forecast of 88-­‐ degrees and thermostat’s set to HIGH and COOL – today is a day we need to appreciate the strength and reliability of the system Wisconsin residents have invested in as it delivers to customers the amount of electricity they need, when they need it.”

Fair Rates for Wisconsin’s Dairyland (FRWD) brings together representatives of organized labor with large and small energy providers and consumers to promote the significant value our current electric system delivers, champion equitable funding, and lead the discussion on integrating distributed generation into Wisconsin’s electric infrastructure.

Our electric system delivers great value to Wisconsin customers, something that too often is taken for granted. FRWD stands strong in support of the continued health and welfare of a system that has served us well.

FRWD will also advocate for the hard-­‐working men and women who build, operate, and maintain the electric system, and for workers whose jobs and livelihood depend on reliable electricity.

We are committed to working with all stakeholders in this discussion, including environmentalists, businesses, farmers, regulators and energy providers, with a goal of developing policies that promote balance and fairness.