Statewide Coalition Formed to Promote Value of Electric System and Merits of Distributed Generation

Former Wisconsin Public Service Commissioner to head the group

(Madison, WI) – A new statewide coalition has been formed to promote the significant value our current electric system delivers, champion equitable funding, and join the discussion on integrating distributed generation into Wisconsin’s electric infrastructure.

Fair Rates for Wisconsin’s Dairyland, Inc., (FRWD) will bring together representatives of organized labor with large and small energy providers and consumers.

Former state legislator and Public Service Commissioner Mark Meyer will serve as executive director of the registered, non-profit Wisconsin corporation. Jim Brooks of Evansville and Robert Turner of Milwaukee will join Meyer on the Board of Directors. Brooks sits on the Evansville City Council and Turner serves as a business representative for IBEW Local 494. Brooks brings a background in municipal and public utility policy while Turner has 17 years of experience working in the electrical construction industry.

“One of our goals is to highlight the great value our electric system delivers to Wisconsin customers, something that too often is taken for granted,” Meyer said. “FRWD will stand strong in support of the continued health and welfare of a system that has served us well.”

The world of electricity is facing dynamic and innovative change, Meyer noted, and FRWD is excited to join the discussion about the value of our electric system and merits of distributed generation.

Distributed generation refers to power that is produced outside the grid by homes and businesses. The small-scale, on-site power sources at or near customers’ homes or businesses are usually located on the customer side of the electric meter. Power structures include rooftop solar panels, energy storage devices, fuel cells, bio-digesters, micro-turbines, small wind turbines, and combined heat and power systems.

Improvements in technology, efficiency and economics make it clear distributed generation will be a larger part of the electric system that brings power to Wisconsin homes and businesses, Meyer said.

“FRWD supports the long-term competitiveness of our state’s economy, and we will work to help policy makers recognize that when distributed resources are integrated into our current system they should be paid for in a manner that is fair to all ratepayers,” Meyer added.

“FRWD also will advocate for the hard-working men and women who build, operate, and maintain the electric system, and for workers whose jobs and livelihood depend on reliable electricity.”

According to Meyer FRWD is committed to working with all stakeholders in this discussion, including environmentalists, businesses, farmers, regulators and energy providers, with a goal of developing policies that promote balance and fairness.

FRWD supports the long-term competitiveness of Wisconsin’s economy, and will work to help policy makers recognize that when distributed resources are integrated into Wisconsin’s current system the energy should be paid for in a manner that is fair to all ratepayers. It is FRWD’s mission to promote the value of Wisconsin’s electric system, champion equitable funding and lead the discussion about the thoughtful integration of distributed generation into Wisconsin’s electrical infrastructure system. Visit us on the web at

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