Our Mission

It is our mission to promote the value of Wisconsin’s electric system, champion equitable funding and lead the discussion about the thoughtful integration of distributed generation* into Wisconsin’s electrical infrastructure system.

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  • Will advocate for the hard-working men and women who build, operate, and maintain the electric system, and for workers whose jobs and livelihood depend on reliable electricity.
  • Supports the promise of innovation found in research and development of new technologies that have the potential to increase efficiency and lower the cost of the delivery of electricity.
  • Will work as an advocate and resource on the benefits of a safe, reliable, and affordable electric system.
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  • Will support all generation and believe  a diverse generation portfolio is in the best interest of the consumer.
  • Supports the value of the “backbone of Wisconsin’s economy” – our electrical system, which brings both reliability and value to Wisconsin’s customers.
  • Supports fair and equitable funding for the operation our electric system as well as the application of the principle of cost causation in the creation of distribution tariffs and electric rates.
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  • Supports the regulatory compact and our electric provider’s right to serve.
  • Is not opposed to the expansion of distributed generation, supports renewable energy, and supports Wisconsin’s Renewable Portfolio Standard.
  • Is committed to working with all stakeholders – including, environmentalists, businesses, farmers, regulators, and energy providers to reach a balanced solution.