Fair Rates for Wisconsin’s Dairyland Coalition Applauds PSC For Getting Rates Right

(Madison, WI) – The Fair Rates for Wisconsin’s Dairyland (FRWD) coalition applauds the Wisconsin Public Service Commission (PSCW) for today’s responsible vote to allow Wisconsin Public Service Corporation (WPSC) to gradually adjust electric rates to reduce subsidies and reflect actual costs to consumers and-calling for more study on the issue.

Mark Meyer, FRWD executive director and former PSC commissioner, testified earlier this year as an intervener on behalf of the coalition in support of WPSC’s request.

“With actual customer fixed costs approaching $70 per month, today’s vote for a $2 increase in the Customer Charge moves rates in a direction that reduces the subsidies that currently exist between high and low users of electricity,” Meyer said.

The fixed cost for a residential customer is $68.61 per month, Meyer noted. “The increase from $19 to $21 moves rates closer to the actual cost of service. Matching actual costs with charges on the bill makes sense,” Meyer added.

“It should be noted that this increase is revenue neutral. Increases in the customer charge, when offset with reductions in the energy use portion of the customers should have little impact on most customers.”

FRWD is a non-profit statewide coalition that brings together representatives of organized labor with large and small energy providers and consumers. It was created, in part, to educate people on the value our electric system brings to Wisconsin’s customers, and to promote the health and welfare of a system that is often taken for granted.

“As part of that education process, FRWD believes fair and equitable funding for maintenance and any necessary expansion of the system is critical” Meyer said. “We definitely welcome the opportunity to participate in this important dialogue in the future through the PSCW study.”

FRWD Media Release (PDF)